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Comprehensive Facility Services in Adelaide

Our preventative maintenance programs are designed to minimize downtime and extend the life of your assets. Regular inspections and proactive repairs ensure uninterrupted operations

Building Maintenance Services

Managing the complex world of property management demands a partner versed in the subtleties of operational needs and aesthetic maintenance. CHS is that essential partner, guiding your business towards seamless operations, flawless aesthetics, and strong functionality with our extensive facility services.

CHS Facility Services: Blending Form and Function Through Expert Facility Management

Our Comprehensive Property/Facility Services Include:

Why Entrust CHS with Your Property Services Needs

  • Preventative Maintenance: Guaranteeing uninterrupted operations and extending the life of your assets.

  • Building Management: Managing structural health, appearance, and regulatory adherence.

  • Ground and Property Maintenance: Maintaining the beauty and functionality of both outdoor and indoor spaces.

  • Space Management: Optimizing space usage to enhance productivity and visual appeal.

  • Security Management: Safeguarding assets, employees, and guests.

  • Integrated Solutions: Comprehensive facility services, including maintenance and management, all from a single source.

  • Expert Team: Access the expertise of our skilled professionals for your facility's maintenance and enhancement.

  • Innovation-Driven: Utilising the latest technology and innovative approaches in facility management.

  • Customised Strategies: Developing tailored management plans to meet the specific requirements of your facility.

Supporting a Wide Range of Industries

Our facility services create a foundation of operational excellence in diverse sectors, such as:

  • Commercial Establishments

  • Hotels & Accommodations

  • Educational Institutions

  • Retail Outlets

  • Healthcare Centers

  • Event Venues

Raising Your Business Environments to New Heights with CHS

Enter a partnership that focuses on the smooth operations, aesthetic excellence, and structural integrity of your establishment. At CHS, we go beyond mere management of facilities; we enhance, maintain, and uplift them, reflecting the high quality and excellence your brand stands for.

Hear It from Our Partners

"Partnering with CHS has significantly improved our facility's operational efficiency. Their proactive maintenance and expert team are second to none." - Bill Downs, Hotel Director

Ready to enhance your facility's operations? Contact CHS today for a consultation and discover how our expert services can benefit your business

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